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Experienced regeneration and development experts

The world of property, an industry steeped in tradition, is having to reinvent itself as the UK experiences a major shift in living, working and leisure time. That is the space Spatia want to be a driving force in; challenging the status quo, raising the bar and instigating real change in order to transform places, communities and lives.

We want to work in collaboration with like-minded partners, to build a more sustainable and inclusive economy, an approach we believe is the best way to create lasting economic value.

To do this we team up with other like-minded and visionary partners.

  • In joint ventures with a wide range of funding partners.
  • Undertaking development management with pension funds, family offices and housing associations.
  • Providing strategic consultancy to partners in the public, private and third sectors.

The Spatia team each have at least twenty years experience working as developer, development manager, project manager, consultant, contractor, or property agent.

Financial partners the team have worked with include funds and investments managed by Palmer Capital, Fiera Capital, CBREIM, Kuwait Finance House, Deutsche Hypo, Tesco Pension Fund, PFP Capital, Oxygen Conservation, AXA Real Estate and Grainger Plc. Local Authorities include Bristol City Council and Impact Investors include Bristol and Bath Regional Capital.

With a wealth of experience to draw on, the Spatia team brings great expertise to any project

Our values inform everything we do ...

  • We're open to others' views, new ways of doing things, solving challenges and working with partners.
  • We're trustworthy, doing what we say we will with the skills, drive and resources to make things happen.
  • We care about 'doing the right thing' and the impact we're having on the places and people where we operate.
  • We're forward-thinking, embracing the future, helping drive change and are focused on tackling challenges facing society and the planet.
  • We raise the bar, challenging ourselves to do better and find new solutions to problems.
  • We create value for our partners and the communities where we operate.

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