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Gavin thinks about tall buildings in Bristol

News: July 2022

We do seem keen to keep development to a modest height in this city.

I’m not convinced this is always the right thing to do and I’d like to have seen some considered master planning of the bonded warehouse area with some taller buildings.

Taller buildings are not necessarily always bad in the same way that more modestly high buildings are not always expemplary. Look at all but the final phase of Harboursde as a Bristol example of a generally unloved, poorly detailed scheme.

Are there areas of the city that people would consider taller bushings- by that I mean 14 storeys and over? 

Some Bristolians do seem to get themselves worked up over this. One objector to my final phase at Finzels Reach (14 storeys) on the site of the former Avon Fire Brigade HQ - now sold to Grainger - accused me of potentially murdering people if I developed a “skyscraper” as she described it.

Im happy to explain how we will address fire safety and other concerns in an application or public forum but that comment was a bit too much. The underlying point was that she simply didn’t want anything over 8 storeys anywhere in the city.

For me height can play a part in a city skyline and I don’t agree with not building higher that St Mary Redcliffe as some promote. 

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