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Affordable, greener, fairer housing growth in Bristol: collective ambitions or a conflict of interests?

News: November 2021

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Can Bristol achieve its ambitions or do conflicting interests stand in the way? The team from Tury, following the Bristol Housing Festival expo asked Gavin and other key players in the city delivering the housing agenda, what he thinks are Bristol’s priorities and how they can best achieved.

"In my experience, this is where collaboration becomes so important. All of these challenges (and others not mentioned here) are of vital importance to the city flourishing, but no one organisation or person can tackle all of these. We must work together, we must look for opportunities to innovate, to try new ideas, to support one another and champion those who have the piece of the puzzle we don’t.

The temptation will always be to reduce the challenge down to something manageable, to single out a specific problem - so that it becomes a linear, solvable problem. The difficulty with this is it doesn’t account for the ways in which these challenges overlap and impact one another. We have to think holistically. We have to rely on each other and recognise that not one organisation has all the solutions. And we have to fight to ensure that the challenges don’t get reduced down and oversimplified - which won’t actually solve anything.

Gavin Bridge

Let’s be courageous and collectively face the complexity head on.”

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